Monte Carlo Tools for Beyond the Standard Model Physics

3rd workshop: MARCH 10-11, 2008 (CERN)

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This workshop aims to gather together theorists and experimentalists interested in developing and using Monte Carlo tools for Beyond the Standard Model Physics in an attempt to be prepared for the analysis of data focusing on the Large Hadron Collider. Since a large number of excellent tools already exist for the study of low energy supersymmetry and the MSSM in particular, this workshop will instead focus on tools for alternative TeV-scale physics models. The main goals of the workshop are:
  • To survey what is available. To provide feedback on user experiences with Monte Carlo tools for BSM.
  • To identify promising models (or processes) for which the tools have not yet been constructed and start filling up these gaps.
  • To propose ways to streamline the process of going from models to events, i.e. to make the process more user-friendly so that more people can get involved and perform serious collider studies outside of the MSSM.
We envision a small but intensive workshop with ample time for discussions between model builders, Monte Carlo experts, and experimentalists interested in exotics searches at the Tevatron and the LHC.

This workshop is sponsored by CERN

Note also: Tools 2008, 30 Jun - 04 Jul 2008, Munich, Germany

Organizing committee:
Georges Azuelos, Christophe Grojean, Jay Hubisz, Borut Kersevan, Joe Lykken, Fabio Maltoni, Konstantin Matchev, Filip Moortgat, Steven Mrenna, Maxim Perelstein, Peter Skands, James Wells : mc4bsm.AT.phys.ufl.edu